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The very luscious Aurora Snow is back for another update. We keep it simple, binding her to the floor, head down ass up. The lady looks quite fetching in this position, and it gives us full access to her famously hot ass and cunt. We play a little target practice with the flogger and cane, fuck with her pussy, plug her ass. Aurora is a porn veteran, but she's pretty new to our kind of play, so her reactions are genuine and priceless. Adorable little squeaks and moans full of the wonder of exploration. We bolt down a Hitachi so that it's pressed up hard against her pussy. Aurora's not used to the vibe. She cums, but then her poor little porn star cunt gets sensitive. She tries to wiggle away, but there's no escape. We make her come again. And again.

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Date: 05/12/2022

Actors: Aurora Snow



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