About kinky4ever

kinky4ever is a social platform for the BDSM community, still in development, created by a kinky developer.

When this website will be done, you should be able to make new friends, save your favorite videos from other websites, find a play partner and find events

Coming features:

  • Profiles
  • Chat
  • Channels
  • Lists
  • Events
  • Partner finder
  • Original content

This website will contain 3 sections:

Videos section

This is the actual section, right now you can search for a video from a supported source, see what other people share, and add a video to favorites.

Why you can't simply just upload a video here

This is mainly because of copyrights. If you download a video from a website, and after you upload the same video here, first is illegal, and second, will be harder for the content creator to remove that video from the internet. But if you just share that video here, the content creator can simply just go to the source and ask the admin to remove the video. This will automatically the video from this website too.

What if you have an original video that you want to share

Well, you still can upload the video on a supported website, and share it here.

How to share a video

First, you need an account, (please remember your password because the recovery function is not implemented yet), second, go to a supported website, copy the URL and paste it here. You only have to select the category, and if you want, you can add a custom title. kinky4ever will scan your URL, generate the embedded code and copy the title and the URL of your thumbnail and add everything into an object that is stored in the database. Is the same thing as if you would just copy the embedded code, and add a thumbnail and a title, but to make sure that everything is correct, the website is doing this for you. Note that the original thumbnail and video will remain on the source website. If something is deleted there, will be deleted here too.

Supported websites:

New websites will be supported soon.

I am also going to introduce a manual way to share videos.


Every user will have a profile where will be able to manage their friends list create a post and a lot more.


What is the point in having friends and creating a community if you can't send a message to someone?


I want to create a place where you can see all the videos shared by one person. Also, be able to subscribe.

Partner finder

I think this part is going to be waited by most of us. I want to automate a little more the process of finding a BDSM partner. But this part will be possible only with a huge community.


Another cool feature will be to sort the videos into some lists. The whole idea of the videos section is to save all your favorites videos and would be nice to be able to save them into lists too.


I think would be nice to have a place where we can promote some nice events.

Original content

I want this website to be friendly to the content creators. This is why you can't upload a video here. But more, after I find a way to create a system to verify the users and make sure that all the content is 100% original and legal, I want to have a section where the creators can upload their work and make money from this.

More about this website

Using the resources to fight diseases

While you are reading this, the server that host this website is running folding@home and working hard by using 100% of available resources to find a cure for diseases like cancer. Whenever you come here and watch an ad, you help find a cure because you help this website stay online :)

A website generally is wasting a lot of resources by just staying on a server and not using all the resources available, if you also have a website, would be nice to install folding@home too and use the unused computing power to fight diseases..

And even if you don't have a server you can still do this with your computer, just download the app from here and start folding.

Here are the statistics for this server. How many work units completed until now, and here is my kinky team if you want to join