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  • - When you watch a video, the time spent on that video will be sent anonymously to www.kinky4ever.com .
  • - www.kinky4ever.com use Google Analitics for monitoring the trafic and JuicyAds for ads. this means that Google and JuicyAds can collect some kind of data.
  • - Send data to api.kinky4ever.com in order to be stored such as the time spent on a video and the category of that video.
    This information is going to be used to suggest better videos to watch.

By creating an account you agree on:

  • - Everything you share is public.
  • - Your username is public.
  • - Any of your shared videos can be deleted if it's necessary.
  • - Your account can be deleted if it's necessary.
  • - Your email is going to be sent to api.kinky4ever.com and can be seen by the system admin.

If you upload a video on kinky4ever.com:

  • - You must own that video or have the right to share it.
  • - Your video can't contain anything illegal.

... and you also agree to sell your soul